Born the son of a preacher man, raised with the board of education applied to the seat of understanding (many times), most likely would have been diagnosed ADHD had they had that diagnosis in that era, I lived very much in a fog most of my early childhood.

I say that because that is what was said to me often.  “Son… what is it?  You act like you are living in a fog.”  It was somewhat true of me.  A bit nieve both to the world at large and to those around me.  To the best of my knowledge, I was in my twenties before that fog really began to lift.

Since then, I’ve been seeing the world very differently.  Opening my mind to things and people around me.  Looking deeply to find treasures not visible by looking on the surface.  Sensitive to people around me, listening to their comments, complaints, joys, sorrows, beliefs, goals, ideas and ideals, I’ve begun my search for levels of understanding that I believe will continue to change and grow throughout my earthly existence.

This blog is my attempt to share what I am learning and yet learn even more as I go.  Journey with me if you choose.  I enjoy company.  Feel free to share your knowledge with me as well.  I do not profess to know it all or even most of it.  Just sharing.  Or as one of my very good friends say’s: “I’m just saying!”

That (the above) was about 8+ years as of this entry (07/2018) and much has transpired in my life since.  To expand on that statement much has happened, occurred, resulted, effected, and affected myself and others around me during that time.  Have I changed?  I’m sure I have in some ways.  Have I seen changes in others?  Most certainly.  More will be said in following posts.  Stay tuned if you choose.  I’m hoping that it will be interesting enough for others to say that they have gained by reading what I’ve written.  In any case, thank you for joining in even if for just a little while.


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