The Center of Your Universe

Space…  The final frontier….  Not really what I’m going to be talking about here.  If that is what you are expecting or looking for I’d suggest looking somewhere else.  As has been true with nearly all of my posts… this is to do with thoughts, ideas, ideals, idiosyncrasies, human character (or lack thereof), and whatever might come to mind while I’m sharing what I see with more than my eyes.

There was a time when I had more of a capability to wax poetic.  Philosophical innuendoes not withstanding it was easier to put pen to paper and dole out reams of thought in mere moments rather than having to dig deeper into the depths of my soul to find the words I needed to say.  Why?  I’d have to say that I’m not completely sure but I think it is due to the world at large and how pathetically PC we’ve all become.  Myself included.

Its not that I’ve lost the ability to share my thoughts.  Quite the opposite is true.  In fact, I find myself getting myself into many more verbal battles as a result of my “sharing” of thought.  What I perceive as sharing often comes across in a more threatening manner.  Not because it is intended that way.  Simply because of snowflake personalities, weak men and/or women, and the mental psychosis that has become much more evident in our day.

I blame the lawyers.  Why not?  They are an easy target.  And it is likely true.  I say likely because much of the blame still rests on the parents of snowflakes in how they did or did not rear their children.   But that puts the “blame” on the parents, and, to be completely honest, it really is not all their fault either.  Each person should be responsible for themselves and their own actions.  That even includes children from difficult homes.  It is not easy.  Never really has been.  And I’d say that ANYONE can come up with an excuse as to why they are less than adequate, below par, sub-standard, or otherwise lacking in either money, mental capacity, life status, or “you pick the deficiency”!

We live in a time where no-one really wants to take responsibility for themselves.  Its  a blame game.

So, where does “Your Universe” come into play in this writing?  Well, the purpose of my writing this today is to shine a light on what I see as to where we are headed as a nation and your part in it all.  It also is to maybe encourage people to “wake up” to the fact that they (you in this case) have the ability to make changes in their life to (hopefully) end this deterioration factor and begin to live life more fully.  And it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy that journey.  Notice… it is a journey.  Not a destination.  The journey is what it is all about while we are here on this plane existence.

Our Nation as a whole is in trouble.  It stems from a lack of education.  Not in the K-12 variety but rather the education of individuals to the point of teaching them respect.  Respect for others but first for themselves.  You see… if you don’t have self respect then you can never respect someone else.  And you say… “but I DO respect myself!”  Do you?  Really?  Are you sure?

Do you pamper yourself with whatever you want?  Do you fulfill the desires of your heart at every whim?  Do you expect others to bend to your will?  Do you want what you want and expect to get it?  Do you tell yourself how wonderful you are?  Do you see the world as your playground?  If you do….  any or most of these… then no.  You don’t respect yourself.

Pampering is not challenging.  There is not struggle to grow as a person if you are pampered.  Getting the desires of your heart, while not entirely bad, if this is your main goal then you are fooling yourself into believing that you deserve something.  And you don’t.  Nobody is deserving or guaranteed anything.  If you are telling yourself how wonderful you are, why?  Who are you trying to convince?  If you are good, you know it.  If you want it confirmed, do good and others will confirm it.  If the world you live in is your playground, if you feel that it is yours, you’re wrong.  It doesn’t belong to anyone.  In fact, we do more damage to our own world on a daily basis than most people know.

The objective here is to see yourself as part of a whole.  Only part.  Not the whole.  When you can do that then you can see what part you play in the whole and the parts that others play as well.  But until you see the damage you do by putting yourself (desires) first you will never see your own “need”s.  You need to take care of your body.  You need to take care of your mind.  You need to take care of your spirit within you.  You NEED to be.  And be well.  Once there you can then start to assist the other parts of the whole to begin to “Be” as well.

Being is not living.  Being is not existing.  Being is comprehending the whole of existence both of yourself and of the other parts of the existence.  The Universe as a whole is not just physical.  It is emotional and spiritual as well.  Understanding the existence of and the interaction with all parts is essential to being.

So now… on to respect for others.  Once you find where you are in this existence then you begin to see how all parts are essential and interrelated.  How sickness in one part can not only spread but damage and change other parts.  Lack of respect for self ignites lack of respect for others.  Simply thinking that you deserve something requires you to believe that others may not deserve what you think you deserve causing a void.  You thinking that it is OK to park in a handicap spot though you know you are not handicap is self serving.  Scooting down the right hand side lane and jumping in front of all those that are waiting in line says you think you are better than all of those people and deserve that spot.  And I find that, when I see this type action, I notice that there are three or four children in the car with you.  Do you realize what you are teaching your children?

Do you drive too fast?  Do you cut in front?  Do you butt in line?  Is your world so small that you think you are the only one there?  Do you flaunt your money or things you have?  Do you lie to get what you want?  Do you cheat to keep a little more?  Do you keep that extra money that the cashier handed you by accident (thief)?  If any of this is true…  you are small.  Very small.  So small in fact that you have become a black hole sucking the life out of all around you.  Your Universe will wind up being compressed to nothingness.

If, on the other hand, if you are taking care of yourself, if you care about others, if you give to others, if you share with others, if you take time to do it right, if you live in peace, if you spread peace, if you console, if you empathize, if you love…  Your Universe is immense, vast, expansive, unending.  You are centered.  🙂