the power of soft

Sensitivity is a very powerful ally. Awareness of sensitivity is also very powerful and necessary in order to gain the full respect for this topic. That awareness is sometimes natural but usually it takes years of experience to develop the knowledge and awareness of sensitivity.

The average person rarely gains the understanding of this sensitivity to a level where they recognize the benefits of the power of “soft.”

One of my personal “languages” is touch.  If you’ve never read the book about the five love languages then I’d suggest you do that sometime to garner a better understanding of what I am referring to here but let it be understood that the power of soft goes way beyond just touch or feel.

I once heard or read a statement that made an impression on me.  Actually, I often hear or read quotes or statements  that have an effect on my understanding of things or bring to light things that I wish I had had earlier in my life.  The statement I am referring to in this case is:  “The louder you speak, the less I hear.”  It is interesting and quite true that the reverse is often true.  “The softer you speak, the more I hear.”

Attention to a whisper is much greater than someone screaming.  Oh yes, you hear the scream, but do you or did you understand what was said?  There was a commercial quite a while back that said “when ______ speaks, people listen.”  It had to do with some stock company but the message had a much deeper meaning than the commercial.

There is much to be said for softness.  I bought a “throw” for my mom for Christmas once that she still uses and even comments about often.  Other people that have touched that throw have also made comments on how soft it is.  It is VERY soft and is also very warm.  She uses it every winter and tells me each winter how warm and soft and comfortable it is.   I have had the pleasure of giving other gifts to her that have been of use over and over but this one seems to keep coming up as one of the best.  Not very expensive in price (and I sent other gifts with it) but this very soft blanket/throw has given her much more enjoyment than most of the things I have bought her.  It made such an impression because it was/is so soft.

A soft caress is much more effective at soothing tension.  A very gentle touch can stir powerful emotions and generate extreme sensations.  The song “Slow Hand” has words that tell a very powerful story of what the writer was more interested in.  A “slow hand,” an “easy touch,” “not come and go in a heated rush.”  Many a man would benefit from listening more deeply to these words.

As an aside to all of this, I love music.  Loud music is very much appreciated at times but I get much more meaning from the softer music.  It is VERY important to listen to the words as well (if any are included).  The writers are expressing what they feel, what they’ve experienced, what they’ve learned, or what they think they know.   No, they are not always right in their philosophy (very seldom are) but that is why you should listen.  Make sure that you agree with what is being said or felt.  Don’t just play songs to take up space in your brain.  Play things that have deep meaning and are of value.  Both from the standpoint of the words and the music.  “You are what you eat” does not only apply to food.  It applies to what you read, listen to, see, write, everything that goes into your brain.

Soft is powerful.  It is more powerful than strong or hard.  A soft word spoken will produce more love than any hard or strong or harsh word ever has.  A soft touch will enhance, empower, enlighten, and inspire.

Use the power of soft.  Experience it’s power.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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