back to thought – thanks to c.h.

I love to read. I read as often as I have opportunity given the daily grind of life that we all experience. This keeps my brain active. An important aspect of mental health (imho) as I age.  I try to keep up to date with technology seeing this is my source of income.  That in and of itself is a challenge.  Trade rags, web sites, RSS feeds, etc… all contribute but I also just like to read books about a wide variety of subjects by various authors.  Especially if there is a way that I can use any information gleaned to further my knowledge of the world and people around me.  And that is putting it mildly.

I also listen. Listen to various news broadcasts, instructors, teachers (not necessarily the same thing), speakers, conversations, TED videos, etc… The art of listening seems to be fast dwindling in our society. That is unfortunate.

Yesterday, as I was reading a trade rag, I found an article dealing with some of the more offensive buzzwords of the Corporate world. As I was reading through this list and confirming or evaluating the validity of each I found that there was one comment about one of these buzz words that stuck with me.

The phrase was “Think Outside The Box.”

The comment that I found interesting about this phrase was “Forget the box.  Just think!”

That comment was from some reader (unknown to me) that responded to this vast list of overused buzzwords listed in Forbes magazine.

My thought on that is…  Does the person that made this comment really understand the depth of that comment?  Do others see the philosophical vastness of this seemingly insignificant few words quickly inserted in this overwhelmingly disdainful article primarily about words that “shouldn’t” be used?

There are a great many conversations that I have had with a very close personal friend regarding “the box.”  There will be many more.  I am even contemplating a barrage of topics using the analogy of “The Box.”  So much to be said.  So much HAS been said both by me and by my friend using this simple representation.  But I don’t think the depth of thought to which we go is the level that this person was commenting on even though it struck such a chord with me.

I’m sure that this person is just frustrated with the saying.  So much so that this one phrase has conjugated an array of misgivings when used.  Why can’t people just take a moment and just THINK.  Why call it a box or categorize the subject as needing anything to represent it like a box.  Why not just resolve the issue.  Why not just THINK.

I could go on and on about this and my do so some day.  But for now I want to empathize with that individual.  I too am frustrated by the LACK of thinking that many people around me do.  Whether it is regarding the lack of thought regarding others or the lack of thought needed to just observe what it is that is actually happening around them or even just taking a moment to just THINK to figure something out for themselves…   it is frustrating.

Too many individuals pass off their obligations to someone else simply because they are too lazy to do the necessary THINKing it takes to do their own job.  That’s right.  I said lazy.  To me the lack of thinking is laziness.  A large portion of our society has developed the idea that they no longer need to think for themselves.  They rely on government or a boss or a colleague or partner or someone else to think for them.  To make decisions for them.  To do their work.  I’m sick of it too.  I concur with the person who made the comment.

So…  for a  moment…  Forget the box.  Just THINK!


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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