the secret you have been waiting for

Finally, the secret you have been waiting for. The one thing you absolutely need to know in order to succeed in all of your endeavors.

Are you ready to free yourself? Are you ready to live life to it’s fullest? Are you tired of living the same ole routine day after day and never getting what you want or where you intend to go or who you want to live with in life? Are you anxious to find true meaning in your life? Ready to know the truth? Ready to see it all? Do it all? Live to your fullest potential?

Do you want to know the hidden secrets? Those things that have been holding you back? Do you want real power in your life? Power to know and to do and to feel and to see all of those things that, up till now, are actually already in your grasp?  Isn’t it time you tapped the hidden power within?  Isn’t it about time you took control of what happens in your life and all that you have?  Aren’t you tired of everything and everybody else taking first place and having control over you and what happens to you?

What I want to share with you is truly amazing. Something so powerful it will astound you. If you are like most people, you are tired of all of the obstacles, all of the road blocks, all of the mis-truths, all of the lies, all of the hype. Do you ask yourself “Why do all of these things keep happening to me?” In the next few moments your life could change forever just from the knowledge of this secret. Your entire destiny could change. It is within your power.

I recently met a man that gave to me a small book.  He revealed to me a simple quote that was in his book that no-one had ever given me though I’ve seen many a quote.  This one however was more powerful to me than any other and, though it was not the secret, it is still very evident that this one little quote spoke volumes to me.  So much so that the secret to all that I have expressed above became evident.

Another thing that happened was that I received one of those normal hype emails about a book that was positively the way to change my life (and yours).  This too effected and provided evidence to substantiate this amazing secret that I have stumbled upon.  So profound.  So magnificent.  So astounding that it has taken me to new heights of understanding.

The power this secret reveals could be more than you can handle.  It may be more than you can accept.  Do you dare to read?  Do you dare to find out what this is?   Does it captivate you?  Does it make you want to manifest this in your own life?  Are you willing to take just one step in finding the truth that uncovers what could change your life forever?

Are you willing to pay to play?  Can you invest in your future?  Write now for further information.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

4 thoughts on “the secret you have been waiting for”

    1. Lets start with the quote: It was from a small book written by one of my “Introduction to Computers” course students called For Teens Only. He gave me a copy of his book after the course. We talked about success and he talked about his book. Yes… it was written for teens but the best of the book (yes, I read it even though it is “only for teens”) was “Winners MAKE it happen. Losers LET it happen.” This however is just part of the secret. And the meaning it gave to me went much deeper than the surface.

      And no Pam… I’m not really asking anyone to actually “pay” to “play” on this one. It would be great. I’d love the money. Anyone and everyone could use more money these days as I know you would agree. Thanks for offering though and I can see that this whole blog is going to need a bit more explaining. As I mentioned to Allan, please stay tuned. More is coming. And thanks for the comment.

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