Going too fast

This is going to be a quick one for a reason…  I have another post coming very soon that is on my mind.  For now…  this one will have to do to start the process.


Its all going too fast.

Its not that I can’t keep up. I can. I do. I just feel we are all loosing out as a result.

We run from place to place getting as much cram packed into as little time as possible.  Sometimes it is just to get things done that seemingly have to be done when in truth it really doesn’t.  And other times it is to do what we like to call “experience” things.  Everyone wants to experience as much as possible so we run and jump and leap and bound and speed and rush and turn and skip and hustle and push and shove to get to the next place or location or experience or to complete some task or etc…  I think you get the idea.

Ever heard the saying – “so much to do, so little time” ?  Of course you have.  In some respects that may be true, but we do this way too often.

Fast food may have a flavor of a sort but it is my experience that the best food is cooked slowly.  It takes time to prepare a really good meal.  It takes even more time to prepare an outstanding meal.  If you are smart, when you get a meal like that, you take time to enjoy it.  TIME.

Doing things too fast looses the true flavor.  That statement means more than just with regard to food.  I could really delve in right here but I won’t.  Let it be enough to say that in a really good relationship time spent preparing can mean all the difference in the world in how well you enjoy it.  That goes for the other party as well.

I say all this to try to get all of us to slow down just a little bit.  Enjoy life.  Do it right the first time with care and thought.  You will find that the flavor of the one experience far exceeds the flavor you get from a volume of experiences.  It will stay with you much longer.  You will enjoy it more.  So will everyone else.



Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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