I’m getting ready to go on a short vacation.

In that process it requires that I pack at least a few items of clothing.

Looking at what I have to pack, it behooves me to replace some of the older tattered clothing that has been hanging in my closet for more years than I would like to admit.   Seems it is a natural “feature” of men that we seem to love to hang on to clothes that are long past their prime.

Maybe it is due to our natural instinct to preserve and utilize to the fullest and until worn out.  I’m not sure.  Maybe it is more a lack of concern for fashion.  Again, not sure.

In any event, it was and is time for a change.  Some old needs to go and some new needs to appear.


Took a break.   Sorry for the delay.   The break was actually the vacation mentioned earlier.  Thought I would get back to this before now.  Well…  better late(r) than never.

So…  to continue…

I went out and bought some much needed new “threads” (this is boring isn’t it?)(hold on… I’m not finished).  Several pairs of new shorts (6) and about 10 new shirts to go with them.  This sounds mundane I’m sure but it does have meaning.

So… I’m sitting at home looking at these shorts that I had just gotten and took notice of some more of the detail.  Inside the name is stamped.  Rather prominently.  It is OK with me.  It is not advertising on the outside of the shorts.  I noted the stitching.  Looking closely I find that the stitching is very well done.  Not just thrown together stitching like much of the work today.  Yes… It was machine work but it was good machine work.  heavy stitching and tightly woven.  Well anchored.  At least in my opinion.

It made me think of the stitching work we do in our lives.  How well or how poorly it is done.  And by whom.  Much of it is done of our own accord.  Some of it is done by others.  There are threads of our lives that are heavy, strong, and made that way to withstand much or many tugs and pulls and prevent the ripping that can occur in our lives.  And then there are threads that are light, delicate, and fragile and easily broken.

The very fibers of our being are threads back to our inner most thoughts.  The fibers of our spinal column to our brain.  The brain itself has many cells or fibers (ie threads) that connect and interconnect and weave the pattern that is our physical and even spiritual realm.  How we and others weave together these threads dictates who and what we are.

Good work, tight weaving, done by hand, takes time.  We do not have machines to do this.  It can not be done with speed though many would try.  The rips and tears that occur must be mended with care and precision or the mend will not hold.  The fabric that makes up our lives counts on our ability to care about what we do and taking time to do it correctly.  Anything less is a disservice to our own selves and will leave you tattered and worn.

Take time to weave and mend with great care.  The better the stitching, the longer the fabric will last.  Both in the physical and in the mental and in the spiritual.

About the brain…  I’ve included this before I think but I felt it worth including again.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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