filling a life

Many, if not all, people have a full life.  Some are extremely happy with that life.  Others are not.

Your life can be full.  It may already be and you don’t even know it.  However, it begs the question, “What have you done or are you doing to fill your life?”

What is it that you use to fill your life up?  What are the things that are present IN your life that cause it to be full?  Is it what you want?  Are you happy with what it is that fills your life or is it full just to be full so that there are no spaces, no vacancies, no areas that you have any time to stop and think?  Is it so full of “things” that time seems to be non-existant and passes you by without you realizing what happened to the time?  Do you find that the year has gone by and you have nothing to show for the time that has passed?

So many of us are concerned about what we have invested, what we will have when we retire, how we will be able to live at the ripe old age of retirement.  Others may be more concerned with what their children have or don’t have.  Some live their lives for thier children.  Some live thier lives THROUGH their children.

Some live for the church.  My dad (a preacher) used to give the rhyme “Mary had a little lamb and he was quite a sheep.  He went to all the Baptist meetings and died for lack of sleep.”  Another saying that I liked was “Some people are so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.”  So… in other words… some people spend all their time in or around the church and church activities.  Their lives are religion based and have no room for anything or anyone else.

Teens usually fill their lives with activities and friends.  The more friends and activities the better.  Cars, phones, computers, computer games, texting, facebook, music, and TV/movies are the mainstay of their lives.   Oh… and let’s not forget sleep.  They seem to love to sleep long hours.  Not until 2:00 in the AM do they want to GO to sleep but then they can sleep till 2:00 PM the next day without a problem.  Or in class if school is in session.  I know.  I am being a bit rough on the kids.  Sorry about that.  They aren’t really all that way.  Really only a few of them sleep through class.

Did you know that some people fill their lives with conflict?  Some people are not happy unless they are in turmoil or someone close to them is in turmoil.  Constant upheaval can fill a life.  Actually, there are many people this way.  How many people do you know that seem never to be happy unless someone is in trouble.  That is all they seem to talk about.  All that fills their lives.  They listen to the news all the time.  Why?  Not to be well informed but to be caught up in the troubles that the others face.  They thrive on conflict.

There are very few that live for peace (my preference).  I do know others that live this way.  I’ve known and know people that have that desire, that others will just get along, that things will run smoothly, that harmony should and can exist, harmony with all things.  This is a stated goal of most religions even if it is fleeting to most.  It is interesting to me that most religions are so conflicting in their very nature.  Wanting peace yet setting up processes that make it all but impossible to achieve.   You’ll have to ask if you want more on that topic this time around.

You can fill up your life with anything.  Most people do.  Very few leave any open room in their lives for true introspection.  More than that… even less leave room for true growth.  I’m not talking about trying to achieve some higher learning status or a degree or certification.  I’m not talking of a better paying position or job or growing a business.  I’m not talking about growing anything outside of yourself.  That’s right.  Yourself.

How does one grow themselves?  How does one find within themselves the ability to grow?

Truth is, the ability is already there.  We are born with the ability.  In fact, it IS what we long for deep inside.  Growth is burgeoning within us all.  What we do is to stifle it.  We hold it down.  We smother it.  We do our best to keep ourselves in check.  In control.  Our learned effort goes into holding back due to implied danger of being found out or being laughed at for doing what we really deeply desire to do.  To grow.


I have my thoughts on that matter too.  Maybe I’ll expand on that another time.

When was the last time you sat still, doing nothing, not reading, not watching TV, not working, not driving, not eating, nothing?  When was the last time to took the time to expand from within yourself?

Take a moment.  Stop!  Breath.  That’s right.  Breath.  Slowly.  Eyes closed.  Clear everything from your mind.  Let it all go for a while.  Just for a while.  And let yourself see.  Yes see.  See what is in the vastness of your inner self.  Feel the peacefulness.  Rest in the calm.  Try not to go to sleep.  🙂




Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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