I’m walking down an aisle and I notice another gentleman walking the same direction.  I notice him because he is significantly taller than I and is making fewer steps to gain the same distance.  I quicken my steps to try to close the gap.  Why?  Let’s just say I have a slight competitive streak.  I find in doing this that I am not able to keep up without extra effort.

The observati0n out of all of this is that his stride is much larger than mine and he is able to gain distance at a faster rate with less effort.  Or so it would seem.  Laws of physics would tell you that it is a matter of E=MC2.  Still, on a more metaphysical plane, “Stride” is not always a matter of physics.

From a psychological aspect, we do indeed ALL take our steps at a different rate and we all have a different stride even when we take those steps at the same rate.  The effect is a different rate of growth in each of us.  We don’t all “keep up” with everyone else and there are those that have a much greater “Stride” than others.  For some it is an easy task to grow and may take very few steps.  For others of us it may take  a great deal more effort and time to reach the same destination.

It isn’t just a matter of stride however.  It is also a matter of desire.  Just as it was true that others walking down that same hallway were walking at a much slower pace.  They chose to walk slower.  With a much shorter stride even though they had the capability to walk with greater length.  They chose to keep their stride shorter and progress at a slower pace.  We sometimes do the same thing on an emotional, mental or psychological plane.  In fact… a large part of our population stops on the growth path and camp out.  Some never progress past psychological childhood.

The physical of all of this is evident to anyone and everyone with any comprehension.  The emotional is less evident but still very easily observed.  Emotional Maturity is something that may or may not come with age.  I’ve met plenty of people that still act like they are 9 years old when upset.   Then there are those like me that act like a child periodically when it suites me for the occasion.  I think everyone does to some extent.  I LIKE to play (have fun).  Then there are those times when I feel like I’m 100 years old.  Various ages appear as needed.  I’m a young adult on the wave runner.  At least my mind thinks so.  When I HIT the water a little too hard, I become that 100 year old again for a few seconds.  At least till I get back up out of the water and back at wake jumping.  I don’t really have a specific age on the Harley.  It varies depending on my mood.  Most of the time I tell people that I’m 45 with 9 years experience.

There are others that understand this principle.  One lady I know has been vocal enough to tell me of her 5 year old self.  Also her 15 year old self and her 25 year old self.  She is quite content being her 45 year old self with X years of experience much like me.  It is nice to know others can appreciate life in this way without having to act like they are 9 all the time.  Nothing against 9 year old children.  You just don’t want that 9 year old to come out when you are trying to deal with an adult issue.  But you get what I am talking about.  Some people are the child when they shouldn’t be.  Others know when to be age appropriate.  I have my own personal beliefs about all of this.  I feel that if you can stay in touch with your inner child(ren) you will live longer and more happily.  It isn’t a matter of how old you are so much as how old you feel.  It takes age to get to that point.  You will never be able to be emotionally able to live at these different levels until you have taken the strides necessary to have those ages behind you.

It is a difficult thing to live as if you were 45 until you have reached 45 and lived in that age although some do.  Some experience maturity experiences long before they are of adequate age to handle them.  These experiences may damage that individual in some ways while at the same time making them stronger in other ways.  It can go either way.  Much of how it goes depends on the psychological ability (yes… ability) of the individual.  Again.  Not everyone is the same.  There is no equal ground for any of us.  We all are born with certain abilities.  None of us have exactly the same abilities as another.  We all develop at different levels and speeds.  We all have  a different stride at every level.

So that is the emotional side.  What about the mental side?  So simple isn’t it.  You see the difference.  Or do you?  Is what you see really a difference or is it a perception of a difference?

Its now Friday night and I am beginning to tire of trying to figure out what to write to add to this one.  I even feel sometimes that I am beginning to repeat myself.  I really don’t like doing that.  I want what I write to be fresh and new.  At least from my perspective.

It is true that there are so many variables to all of this.  Physical, emotional, mental, even spiritual…  All have vast variables that contribute to the extensive array of the whole of society.

To be completely honest, I am not very impressed.  Not with society.  Not with the public.  Not with the general population as a whole.  Maybe it is the third margarita or maybe it is just boredom.  I’m not sure.  This is not to say that I feel superior.  I don’t.  I don’t feel that I am better than anyone else.  Just different.  We all are.  That is a good thing.

This topic just jumped out at me while I was following that guy down the hall.  That is all.  It flooded me with thoughts about how each of us is so different at how and when and how much we learn and how each of us learns at a different pace in our own time at our own level on every level.

You are intelligent.  You understand what I am talking about regarding strides and how each of us has a different one.  Why would I need to explain?  Not sure I do.  It was just a thought.  One of my thoughts.  One man’s thoughts.  That is all.  Finish this thought on your own.  Let it challenge you.  Let it take you where you can learn and grow.  At your own rate.  At your own stride.

This post has been edited all it is going to be.  I’ve already got another thought to write about.  Let’s see how far that one goes.  Hopefully I will be able to put all of my thought(s) into it before I get bored with it.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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