It’s a little thing

“Big things come in small packages.”  Don’t believe it?

There are diamonds, dynamite, Rolex, and many more things.  Ok… so the Rolex isn’t so big in size.  Maybe a diamond isn’t either and dynamite doesn’t seem all that big, but all of these make an impression of some sort as do many other things that are really small in size.  It is a matter of perception or an impact of what might be a result of the use of said item.

There are other things that may seem small but have huge impact.

Words are one of those things.  Small words can cause big problems or can make a life a real pleasure.  You can say things that cut deeply or build a person’s self worth in such a way that it makes a difference in their lives forever.

You want an example?  As a youth I would go with my family where-ever of course.  In this instance, it had to do with visiting family.  This time it was my cousin’s house we were at.  Sitting on the floor of her living room I made mention that she had a smile as bright as the sun.  It was years later that I found out (from her) that this seemingly small and very innocent comment made a huge difference in her life.  She saw herself differently.  She tells me that she never forgot that comment and it meant a lot to her.  She still has that smile when I see her.  She is radiant.  And I love her.  She has been a good friend to me in ways I could only begin to explain.

Other words can cut to the heart of a soul and cause damage that may be nearly impossible to heal.  Example…?  No.  Not gonna do it though I have examples I could share.

Another thing that seems so small yet can have an impact far beyond it’s cost is a simple touch.  To some of us, touch is a language that speaks volumes.  A caress of the hand, the stroke of a face, brushing away a hair from a face, any touch where care or love is exhibited.  I said some of us because not everyone needs or wants that form of attention.  It really is an individual thing.

A look too can mean or speak volumes.  Remember that look your mom or dad would give you when you were stepping out of line?  What about that look of joy or happiness in a child’s face when a parent or someone important to them recognizes some accomplishment they have made?  Maybe it isn’t that distant in your own life.  Maybe you still relate to the joy YOU get when someone recognizes some good in you.

There are so many little things that are so huge.  It really isn’t the big or expensive that is valuable.  It really IS the “little thing(s)” that means and matters most.

I may have said this before.  I don’t know.

Not all things that can be counted count.  Not all things that count can be counted.

People will forget many things and many people in life.  They will remember those that did something selfless for them.  They will remember the person that said something that cost them nothing to say but meant the world to the hearer.  How you speak to others makes a difference.  Both to them and to you.  Take care in what you say.

I’m a bit cautious about this next bit but here goes.  How you touch someone else also matters.  A gentle hand, a soft caress, a caring or loving touch means much more than you may ever know.  Be very careful with this one.  It can also get you into much trouble.

How you look…  Look at would be a better example…  also is critical in others eyes.  To some, the outward appearance is their palace.  To me, the outward appearance is a rotting castle.  It is the inner appearance that I look for.  It is not always easy to see but often sneaks out of the persons eyes, glows on their face, or is evident in other body language.  That is what I am talking about here.  Don’t worry so much if your hair is combed so much as do your eyes smile.  If it is real, others will see it.  Trust me.  They will.  It can be hard.  Especially if something is bothering you.  But try.  Its an attitude thing.

Basically, love life and love others.  It will shine in your words, in your touch, and in your face.  Others will see it and reflect it back.  If they don’t, let it go.   Get around those that reflect it back to you.  It will only make you smile more.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

2 thoughts on “It’s a little thing”

  1. How you relate to others and how they relate to you IS the most important thing in life and the words you use in dealing with others reflect that.

    But the “advice” from God was to “chose life.”

    You need to give “positives” and accept “positives,” but to focus on the negatives if you absolutely don’t have to will make your life negative and make you feel like you are surrounded with (only) negative people.

    While we need to be perceptive and it is better to appreciate the “positives” the skill of having a productive life is knowing when to ignore the negatives.

    Or what is otherwise known as “the wisdom to know the difference.”

  2. Good timing Dan. I considered sending you another message about your last blog. But now I can say it to this one just as well. I like what you’re saying. And it speaks at a level to what I am about to say. The level at which something is said is one thing. But the level at which a person hears what’s said is everything to the listener.
    To hear and have an intellectual comprehension of what one is saying is one thing…
    But to take in to oneself what one is saying is an entirely different thing. To take it into your soul is to receive an influence on our quality of life. To understand intellectually alone, may be of no value at all. In fact it could simply serve destructive purposes. I would bet that Hitler knew intellectually a great deal about leading a nation. About influencing a nation, with heart and passion. And I’d bet he believed every word of it. But as we know, as good as all those things sound… they didn’t make a “good leader”. Or anything close to it. Information is only as valuable as the quality of response it has from the heart.
    As you say, the small things matter. I think its because it is the small things which we allow to “move us forward”. I have found that when I let the small things touch me, I am never bored. Ever. And I pass that little secret on to my children. Granted, my permanent escape from boredom may be partly due to adult responsibilities always waiting in the wings. But when you allow small things, not only to touch the senses, but through real hearing, and really receiving from the gifts that are all around, the senses are then stirred more with every new level of awareness that comes into being. And within seconds, some of the deeper mysteries of life are a blazing reality before your very eyes. At such times, awe, and gratefulness may be all we have in our repertoire of responses. And that is likely the only response called for.

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