There is much to this and yet nothing at all.  There are creative people and then there are those that have little.  Or at least it would seem.  In truth, I feel, we are all creative in one form or another.

Where does it come from?

Each of us is here on this earth for a purpose.  That purpose may be clear or it may not be.  That depends on how deep the person in question has questioned and evaluated, delved and decided, probed, pricked, and prodded themselves into near oblivion in an attempt to find that purpose.  Even then they may not know or be sure.

Doubts can come out of the blue.  They can come as a result of questioning one’s self or as a result of a question by someone else.  Other obstacles often come into play that can stifle one’s creativity.  Those obstacles could be a friend, lover, family member, wife, husband, or enemy (which in my opinion is any of the above that attempts to prevent someone’s creativity).  While it may not be intended to hurt, it does.  While the person doing the repression of this inspiration in others may not even comprehend their part in this subversive activity, it does happen.  Doubt is planted and grows with each successive injection of the poisonous plethora of degradation to the attempts to succeed.

I have a friend (at least one) that is a writer.  If she is reading this, I hope that this encourages her to continue.  Yes, she needs to slow down on some things, but this is a passion for her and she should pursue this passion.  Her creativity as a pianist confirm her ability as an artist and I am fully behind her in her endeavors as a writer.  I feel there may just be too much going on in her life at the moment to focus.  Life will do that to you too.  Children, houses, feeding yourself and or family, all of these things and more can get in the way.  If you (people in general – not you in particular) are not careful, these things in life become so overwhelming that the most important things, your true purpose, will get swept under the rug or just put off till it is so old that it doesn’t have the life it once had to you.

So…  this purpose…  where does it come from?  This is one of those “meaning of life” things that just really has no clear-cut answer.  What I do know is that it is already a part of you.  You ARE actually born with it.  It is inside itching to get out.  Many times we (ourselves) are the ones that hinder its growth.  Either because we are afraid of what others will think if we DO do what we want to do with our lives, or it could be any number of things.  Maybe there isn’t much money in it and our values have been skewed.  Maybe the time involved or the time we have allowed to slip by has caused us to doubt that we can or could accomplish our dream.  Still, that dream is there.

There is a song on the newest of the Zac Brown Band CD that I had the opportunity to get just recently that says a lot regarding this.  The singer is Nic Cowan.  The song: Reno.  While Country Music is not always my first choice (not even usually), I don’t just listen to the music.  I listen to the words.  They are MORE important than the music (though the music IS important to me).  Reno tells the story of several lives and the question asked each of the individuals in the song is the same.  “What is it that drives you to create?”  In each case, though said in just a bit different way each time, the answer is still the same.  Each says “I never had a choice to make.”  In his own way, the writer shows that it is from within.  It is a choice that was already made for them.

Elizabeth Gilbert, in her speech she gave at TED ( ) on “A New Way To Think About Creativity” said of the Poet Ruth Stone that she would feel the inspiration for her work coming at her as if it were a train coming over the hills and would rush through her.  In similar fashion I feel that each of us has inspired moments.  It might be as simple as teaching a child how to tie their shoe or helping your son build that hand carved race car for Scouts.  It could be in the creative ability of baking or cooking.  It could be a skill you have in woodworking or with electronics or with automobiles.  It could be your ability to dance or to sing or to play.  In some way YOU ARE creative.

Amy Tan (again on TED – ) tells of how her creativity evolved.  How as a child there were numerous influences that could have and maybe even should have stifled her creativity to a point that most of us would have hidden from ever attempting to be seen as creative.

But it comes out in those that would allow it.  It (creativity) abounds for those that are open to it.  If cultivated, creativity can flourish.  If encouraged and supported we could see much more that we have yet to see in any lifetime.

We as beings are in a place in which magnificent things could take place over the next decade.  Brilliance of a level never seen before is on the horizon.  Insights, abilities, information, intelligence, all of these things are exponentially increasing at a rate most of us can not fathom.  Talent exudes from our youth.  Open mindedness is key to this increase of awareness.

We do ourselves an injustice by closing our minds to the possibilities.  By boxing things up and putting parameters on thought we hinder, delay, or even destroy many possibilities.  And yet, do we?  Is it the actual possibility that we hinder or just the possibility for us or our children.

Someone once wrote that “no opportunity ever goes unclaimed.  It just gets claimed by someone else.”  How many times have you said…  I thought of that (x?x) days or months or years ago.  If I had only done this or that then I would have made MILLIONS off of “MY” idea.  You see… the opportunity did not get away from someone.  Just you.  Why?  Because you did not ACT on your creative insight.

Creativity comes from within you.  You can not really deny it though you can suppress it.  You CAN hold it down.  You CAN stifle and stunt its growth.  But you know it is there.  Hiding it will only cause you suffering.

To Morgan:   I honestly hope that you will cultivate your artistic ability.  You have a profound ability that you have yet to tap to its fullest.

There are others that I would love to write things to here.  Maybe I will write it to them directly.  Maybe I will get the chance to tell them how creative I feel they are.  Some of them are really so brilliant that I am honored to have known them even for a time.

Beauty abounds.  Look past the surface.  Hold on to what is good.  Tell others what beauty you see in them.  They may just need the encouragement to bring that creativity to life in themselves.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

7 thoughts on “creativity”

  1. Creativity is NOT a “skill that some people have.” It is an innate part of the survival mechanism inherent in being a human being.

    Other organisms (we call them “lower life forms”) have their behavior genetically wired into their growth. In a much simpler way than humans, that behavior of food seeking, rest, mating, and group interaction is pre-programmed by their evolution to increase their survival. The programming is matched by the reproductive numbers so that a sufficient population will survive to reproduce. (E.g., only one out of 100 turtles survive to adulthood to reproduce another 100 eggs.)

    The alternative to tightly defined behavioral programming is to have enough “brain power” to respond to learn how to our environment. (A “proof” of Evolution is that “dogs no longer jump out of moving pickup trucks.)

    The focus of that survival mechanism is not only to learn how to survive (don’t jump out of the moving pickup truck), but to understand why it happens so that we can apply that learning elsewhere. Some people reach a point in there lives when they feel they understand “everything” and they cease challenging their own assumptions. Other realize that by definition and the limits on human perception, understanding can never be complete. The application of that continuing desire to understand is what we call creativity. The form in which it is manifested is labeled an art depending upon how obsolete the technology that is used. (Any sufficiently advanced technology will be viewed as magic. Any sufficiently obsolete technology will be viewed as an art form.)

    It is why creativity is in “the mind of the beholder.”

    1. On the note of “Evolution” of a dog, I’d have to disagree. Just 4 years ago, my dog (Oreo) did in fact jump out of my truck while moving and died as a result. So… there is not proof of evolution with regard to that. However, I feel that we mostly agree. Everyone does have creativity. Some are just willing to show it more than others. For some, it is more profound or “ingrained” in the fiber of their being as it were. In actuality, we all have creativity. Most of us just need the prodding or push or encouragement to utilize or otherwise enhance the innate abilities we have.

  2. “Each of us is here on this earth for a purpose. That purpose may be clear or it may not be. That depends on how deep the person in question has questioned and evaluated, delved and decided, probed, pricked, and prodded themselves into near oblivion in an attempt to find that purpose. Even then they may not know or be sure.”

    I forgot to mention that there is a valid tautology: the “purpose” we have for being on this earth is survival. The fact that the “purpose” is not clear is because those who do not survive don’t contribute as much to the search for purpose, and those who do frequently survive without having any understanding as to why.

    The search for meaning does increase the chances of survival, but it is neither a guarantor of survival or an essential element.

    1. Are you not over simplifying this purpose? It would appear that your premis is that we exist only to survive. I feel you are sayint that those that survive must have some pre-programed ability in which to survive and you call this their creativity. I can not agree with the notion that we are here only for the purpose of survival of the species. I would differ in that I feel there is a higher purpose or maybe a higher power at work. It is not fate. It is not a mistake. It is not some evolutionary trait that constitutes an ability to survive.

      I prefer to look deeper than the seemingly obvious and look at what ultimately will not be proven either way on this blog. There is more to this than evolution. There is more to this than science or proof or… you name it.

      My opinion only (I think).

      1. The key to the Dyop™ acuity test is the use of the threshold of perception as your eye gets close enough to the image to perceive the segment components rather than the twinkling contiguous image.

        Survival (via evolution) has required us to see the images around us and NOT perceive the minutia of the components. (Per the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” being able to perceive infinity will drive us crazy. It was also the moral of the Tower of Babel.)

        If you see the pixels on your TV set, you do NOT see the image. To survive we need to see the image and the big picture (purpose and relationships). To function as a person you need to see the images. But the pixels are still there.

        Even I have to split my brain to deal with my sometimes ability to see both perspectives. When I took the P&G psychological profile test to see what quadrant my personality fit into as to either short-term versus long-term and practical versus theoretical, my personalty ended up being dead center in the test indicating that I can function in all four perspectives.

        Based upon the comments of friends who have known me since high school, it is an ability that I have had for a long time. I was never viewed as “weird” in high school, but rather viewed as “unique.” (As one “normal” person commented to her mother who comments to my mother, “Allan is Allan.”)

        Somethings never change.

  3. Wow, I AM seriously sorry about the death of Oreo. You have been through some serious sh*t.

    However, you are missing my point. The death of Oreo was likely before he could have any puppies that would continue to make the same mistake.

    Evolution is “self-correcting.” Those species that don’t survive don’t tend to reproduce and create offspring that continue with the same terminal tendencies.

    What we fail to realize is that we are products of evolution and that the evolution process gives us the disposition to survive. (It IS a tautology, but it is also the truth.)

    Our constant “search for meaning” is part of our constant search to control our lives so that we can increase our chances of survival.

    One of my “blessings” is my age 12 introduction to self-hypnosis as well as the drugs and booze I abused in college. It gave me the “understanding” that what we perceive is very subjective and that “You can’t control reality” which is also my favorite Woody Allen quote from the movie “Stardust Memories” in which he goes on to explain to Loraine Newman that “All you can control are Art and [Self Sensual Stimulation](edited), and those are two subjects where I am an authority.”

    Much of philosophy and religion are also [Self Sensual Stimulation](edited).

    And my condolences on the death of Oreo.

    1. So far as Oreo and his reproductive status, no… he didn’t reproduce. He could have. He was old enough. I just never gave him that opportunity.

      So far as Woody Allen is concerned… I think he is not worthy of being quoted in anything. You have the right. And you may even be using it in a form that is consistent with your theoretical pretense, but, for me it doesn’t matter. The man is not worthy (simply my opinion).

      So far as what we have control over?… I think it boils down to both. We have much control over many things and yet we have so little control it would astound us if we were to really dissect just what we think we control. Yet, there is much that we do control that we also do not comprehend.

      “What we think…” That alone is a scary thought. Do we really control that or do we not?

      Survival? I live. I think. I am not attempting to pro-create. I have much more thought about what I am doing and how and when and etc… without any reproductive initiative at this point in my life. In fact, I love more fully now than I ever have. I live life to more abundance now than I ever even imagined when in the reproductive mind set.

      I guess you could argue that the reproductive aspect does not have the full impact on the survival of the species though you indicated so with regard to turtles. But I honestly feel there is much more to this than survival of a species. Thought is not a species. Life of the… well… spirit of the man… now that is something that both survives and dies without the physical. This is more of a metaphysical thing if you ask me (which you didn’t).


      None. Not at the moment. But I do very much appreciate your comments. Keep them coming. 🙂

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