finding truth

I’ve stated in the past that TRUTH is my mantra.  While this is true, there is much to it that I have yet to understand, even regarding my own definition of what truth is.  I find over and over again that truth has a way of becoming something we didn’t expect.  That is not always easy to accept.  Many people can’t accept truth when they see it or hear it.  Why?  It goes against what they have accepted as truth and they are unwilling to change.  It is not comfortable.  It takes them out of that comfort zone and leaves them somewhat vulnerable.

“Look for truth to believe in rather than what you believe in to be true.”

Too many people are just so comfortable with allowing someone else dictate to them what their truth should be.   Everything from what they should wear to how they should act to when or how they should date, what kind of person they should date or marry, what they should drive, what they should eat, how they should act, what religion they should be, what that religion is, and on and on and on.  It may not only NOT be true.  It may be fabricated just to cause you to believe this way or that for someone else to have some power or control or gain in some way.   I can tell you that what looks like it may have come from the depths of darkness may actually be truth you are just not willing to accept.

In speaking with a good friend, the analogy came up with regard to digging for treasure of any kind.  I commented on how those that are looking for treasure of one kind or another will go through a multitude of digging and soil and rock and such just to find a little bit of gold, silver, or some precious stone.  Rarely does it ever just surface on its own.  The one looking has to do a good bit of digging to find that treasure.

Then it came to me, what about the fact that you can not eat that treasure.  It will not sustain you.  It does not give you life.  My friend commented… it may actually be the soil itself that is the treasure.  In many ways he is correct.  Often we take for granted the jewels we have beneath our feet.  Right below and all around us.  Air…  It is an essential for our survival and yet very few ever take a second thought about it or what we do to it and to ourselves as a result of what we do to that air.  Water…  Another abundant source critical to our own survival yet we pollute and waste without thought.  The soil, abundant with life…  The seas and oceans…  I could go on but this is beginning to sound like a save the whales blog and it isn’t supposed to be.

What it is supposed to be is a wake up call to those that are asleep.  Wake up to the treasure you have right in front of you.  Open your eyes.  The ones that are inside you.  Look deep inside.  Dig a while and see what you discover.  Don’t just look for a treasure of gold.  Appreciate the treasure you already have.  Much of what you have, the knowledge which you have, is innate to you.  You have knowledge of truth within you and you continue to ignore it.  You continue to press it down.  You continue to hide it fearing what you may have to admit.  Fearing what might actually change your life.

Change is not easy.  But it is good.  It has been said that if you continue to do the same thing day after day, week after week, month after month, how on earth can you ever expect anything in your life to change.  You will continue to get the same results (paraphrased).   It is true.  If you do not change what you are doing, you WILL get the same results each time.  Action is critical.  You have to MAKE change happen.  Don’t expect someone else to do it for you.  It has to come from inside you.

Change seems to be a popular buzz word these days.  That is not what I am talking about.  I’m talking about a personal change.  Something inside you.  Others can try to make you change.  Wives have attempted to change their husbands and husbands their wives and etc… yet no-one ever REALLY changes unless it is by their own choice.  Changing to suit someone else is not change.  It is a game.  It is a sham.  It is fake.  Sooner or later it builds resentment.  That leads to a breakdown in the relationship.  Etc…   Going off on  another rabbit chase I see.  Ok… back to the truth.

Truth is sometimes heavy.  Sometimes it is thick.  Sometimes it is hard to swallow.  In the end though, it is sweet.  Truth does hurt sometimes but only till it has had a chance to grow into what it is meant to be.  It might cause you to be alone for a while.  It might cause you to have to search yourself.  It could even cause you to give up something you held as important before.  Either way, in the end, it is the best for you.  It is what is true.

Once you begin to see what truth you have, once you begin to recognize what truth actually is, truth itself becomes open to you.  You see things you never saw before.  It is as if some light has been turned on.  It may only be a dim light, but, it is much better than no light at all.  The more truth, the more you can see.  The more you can find.  You get into a mode of “finding truth.”

Open your eyes.




Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

2 thoughts on “finding truth”

  1. Hi Dan,
    In reading this, I am struck by the many difficulties involved in talking about “truth”. The main reason: our individual ability to recognize what is true in any given moment.
    I think I have learned to be fed by small steps regarding truth, just in the recognition that I am only capable of seeing such a small amount of “truth” in any given moment.
    But one thing I believe is consistent, I have glimpses and glimmers throughout the day, of more truth than I am able to express. There are times that I am enlightened and inspired just by looking briefly into someone’s face. There’s a moment of recognition, that’s impossible to put into words.
    There are times when I am stressed, that I may feel like I am in a fog.
    And then other times when I have an unexpected revelation, what I see and feel in those moments, I can only describe as a kind of glory, that I hardly dare speak about.
    But in terms of “truth”, these moments I describe above, are fleeting. It is as though we cannot sustain being very fully in it for very long. And I think how much we allow ourselves to “see” at any given moment, is determined at an unconscious level. And as such… I become aware that a conversation about truth at any time, may be rendered rather meaningless.
    I believe I am saying that “truth” is not something any of us can all of a sudden decide we will try and see. In fact “trying to see” will most likely be the biggest obstacle.

    I believe… at this time… that if sight comes, it is a gift. Whether or not this is true, may not even be important, so much as whatever effect it has on us.
    Thinking that way helps me relax.
    And in as much, I believe I become in a more “open” state of mind, for recognizing truth that is unfamiliar to me.
    I have told you before, one of the things that fascinates me most, is whatever the “mechanism” is within us, that allows us to recognize what is true, from what is not, and how precise that mechanism is, when unhindered by our own various needs to believe things that are not true. Whatever the source of that “mechanism” is, is powerful, and seems unhindered or moved by my doubts or insecurities. I even feel doubts are richly encouraged. And I’ve come to recognize that exploring my doubts, merely deepens my recognition of the depths and bounds (or sometimes unboundedness) of my belief. Unthreatened by any moral codes, standards or religiosity.

    The more I learn, the more I find that I may never be able to tell anyone my “beliefs” in any full sense of the word. Those beliefs are almost like a living breathing organism, that shrink and expand with a life of their own, always looking for more. My consciousness is completely inept to keep up with it. But the “ride” that creates for me, is what I call my life.
    Recognition of these things, forces me to live in a more “childlike” state. But I must say, there is a real peace in it, the more fully I can “live there”.

    Thank you Dan for your writing here. Once again your writing has evoked things from me I have never said. I am grateful.

    1. I am in agreement with you. Looking for truth could actually hide it from you. What I am encouraging people to do is to open their minds to truth. Being able to challenge your own beliefs to the point that you recognize that you “may NOT be right” is not an easy task for most of us. This doesn’t usually come until you’ve had enough things in your life that you find out later are NOT true that you then begin to realize that what you think you believe may also be in question.

      Once a person opens their mind to this, they begin to recognize truth when it comes. Even consciously. Yes… much of truth comes to us somewhat from an unconscious state. Being able to step outside yourself to the extent that you can look at the bigger picture is where the unconscious meets the conscious. Consciously viewing (understanding) what is happening unconsciously is a huge step yet it seems to be such a baby step in the overall scheme of things.

      I too have glimpses of truth that feel fleeting. I can’t remember her name, but, there was a speaker on that spoke about how her writing came to her. It came through her like a wind. She would sometimes be able to write it down and then other times it would almost pass through her before she could write or get to somewhere where she could write it down. Some truth comes through us so quickly that it is difficult to grasp long enough to hold onto. This happens to me as well. I see those glimpses and then they seem to float away. Sometimes they come back and I may get a chance to write it down. I thoroughly enjoy talking with people and like having pen and paper handy as I really like being able to remember the thought as it comes. Writing also solidifies these thoughts. It makes it profoundly more entrenched in my psyche. Talking helps but not nearly so much as writing it down either by pen or in this form.

      This cycle we go through daily continues to allow me to learn, live, and grow. Sometimes exponentially. Sometimes very gradually. I almost like the gradual better as it tends to stick with me longer. Too much growth too quickly seems to have a fading effect. I then have to learn it again. Something I really dislike having to do. It is often painful when this happens. They (again.. there is that “they” people) say that repetition aids learning. I’d agree. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. In fact, I’d say that most of the time I don’t.

      That “mechanism” that you are talking about. Some call that God. Some call it their own spirit. To me, this is that part of me that just seems to know what the truth is. I’m not going to label it here. It is within each of us. It is a guide. A guide that we have to be very careful not to try to control too much. Labeling it, trying to control it, trying to make it believe or do or decide in this way or that is what causes that inability to grow. Religion has a way of doing that to people. Religion labels that part of us and puts it in a box of sorts and then limits it to the point that we then become bound by that religious dogma and become prisoners of our own programed self. I say… “Let it loose.” Take it out of the box. Challenge what you believe. Break down the walls that hold you in and let your innermost part of you come alive to what is true regardless of social outcry. Regardless of culture. Regardless of any outside influence. Do not let ANYTHING stand in it’s way to tell you truth. Truth will ALWAYS be true. If your truth changes (and it will from time to time) then it wasn’t really true to begin with then was it. It may have seemed true at the time, but, in actuality, it just wasn’t fully realized until the truth is revealed.

      Our limited sight distance where it concerns truth is just that. Limited. I wish it could be more. It grows with maturity I think, but it is still limited. My awakening continues. My growth continues. I listen, evaluate, learn, and grow. It is never ending. Gotta love it!

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