blessings in disguise

Disguise…  Now that is an interesting word.

Webster’s Dictionary has it as:  1dis·guise
Pronunciation: \də-ˈskīz, dis-ˈgīz also diz-\
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): dis·guised; dis·guis·ing
Etymology: Middle English disgisen, from Anglo-French desguiser, deguiser,des- dis- + guise guise from
Date: 14th century

1 a : to change the customary dress or appearance of b : to furnish with a false appearance or an assumed identity
2 obsolete : disfigure
3 : to obscure the existence or true state or character of : conceal <unable to disguise his true feelings>

The “disfigure” portion, as stated above, is obsolete and as such is not going to be included in this post.

There are things that come into our lives on a regular basis that we very often fail to recognize as a blessing.  To some people this is an act of God.  To others it is simply just fate that we find out later that it was good for us “in the long run.”  No matter how or why it happens, “happens” it does.  I’m not completely sure that it is or was always “good” for us.  It may be that the alternative might have been worse but how is one to tell for sure.  Either way, it comes to us later or we derive a conclusion later that will “change the customary dress or appearance” of what has happened or come into our lives so that we can deal with the end result.

Since this is supposed to be about “blessings,” one blessing I would like to point out is friends.  Oh.. you say..  “I know who my friends are.”  I say…  Not always.

I found this to be true in my life last December when my father died.  I had more friends than I thought.  I was a lucky one.  There are those that, going through a similar situation, might find that they have less than they thought.  Sometimes the disguise is one of hiding your friendship from someone until it is needed.  Other times the disguise is purporting to be a friend when in fact, when the times get really desperate, that supposed friend disappears.  Both of these seem to be negative when in fact they are not.  Neither is a negative.  When that desperate time comes, you find out what is truth.  The disguise is blown off and the blessing appears.  Either in the form of finding a friend you didn’t know you had or in finding out the truth about what one was supposed to have been and really wasn’t.  Either way, it is truth and therefore a blessing.

Customarily, we as a people tend to look at things and, if someone hasn’t done it for us, disguise them ourselves.  Maybe the truth is too difficult.  Maybe “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” (I love that line).  It is certainly often disguised.  In those disguises lay blessings untold.  If we could only take a moment to look.  Just a peak.  If we could become secure enough in ourselves to look into that shadow of mystery to gaze upon the power of the truth that is tucked away behind that mask, behind that facade, underneath the surface, locked away for fear of facing what we so desperately want to hide from others and ourselves.  Yes, there is darkness there.  But there is power there too.

People are all masked up.  They are disguised in so many ways they seldom even know themselves much less those even right next to them.  Even less where it is someone they don’t know.  Much of the time we have to be around a person a while just to see the masks they wear much less find out what is under the mask.  How many times have you heard about this famous person that has to have all the curtains in the hotel room be a certain distance from the floor and a certain color or this specific kind of soap and this particular kind of towel and the list goes on.   The public seldom sees the idiosyncrasies of any given person unless they have the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with that person.

Still, when that devastation takes place in your life, sometimes, just maybe, once in a while you find a friend.  A blessing of immense value.  Someone that cares enough to just call, talk, or be there for you.  A blessing you didn’t know you had.  It boils down to the fact that, when the chips are down, when all is at it’s seemingly worst, the masks come off.  The truth is shown.  The blessings emerge.

Truth is freeing.  Truth is powerful.  Truth cuts and truth hurts sometimes but then truth also is the ultimate healer.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

One thought on “blessings in disguise”

  1. Dan,
    Love your conclusions on truth!
    And connecting the various “disguises” or masks people wear, as a factor that can very much affect our ability to perceive truth, as well as our own ability to “handle” our truth.

    I would venture to guess that these things all play a factor in the types of addictions we develop in our lives, whether they are chemical addictions, work addictions, TV, video games, sex, or food addictions, and so many more. And as we know, addictions tend to wreak more and more havoc on our lives, rather than making us better. It is the initial temporary “high” of addictions, that create the illusion (or “disguise” as you say) of being “good for us”. And in fact, many of the things listed above can be good for us. The reasons that they are being done… make all the difference. And the reason very much affects the manner in which the activity is done.

    If they are to help us escape the pain of “truths we cannot handle”, or do not want to face, for whatever reason, then those are “addictive reasons” for engaging. For a person who enjoys an occasional drink, they may begin to want to get drunk whenever they drink. As more, can relieve more pain. Right? So that can be a clue to us -taking it more to an extreme. And I believe being separated from your own truth is a very deep pain indeed. So it will take more and more “comforts” we may say, to help us feel like we are effectively avoiding our painful truths.

    And to face the truths that most of us avoid in our addiction, may well be quite painful to turn and face. But nowhere near the pain that is created in the addiction cycle itself. And here’s why.
    I believe, when someone turns to face a truth. A truth they have not only been running from in fear, but chasing others away in the process, to the point they are living very much alone with their addiction. I believe that turning itself, if it is the real thing, can turn the support of the universe back toward them. So that a new and more powerful strength helps manage the pain for them. And life is an entirely different thing to manage when you have the support of the universe with you. Somehow I’m reminded here about Jesus telling the Pharisees that if his followers were silent about who he is, “the very stones would cry out”. That is someone who feels supported by the universe.

    I believe those who opposed Jesus were exactly the ones who were either in fear or on the run from their own truths. So Jesus was a tremendous threat for those folks. Having to be in close proximity to Jesus was like having their dreaded truth put right in front of them. Too horrifying. And Jesus obviously understood it completely, given his words later, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” He knows. They literally do not see the truth. Which leaves them in fear and in terrible pain. Needing comfort. Seeking their addictions. Utterly unable to see or hear him.

    And today, even folks who are Christian, or any religion… in as much as we are separated from our truth (you know the saying, “denial” is not a river in Africa), we are separated from ourselves, from the universe. It doesn’t get any more painful than that.

    So consequently, turning, to face your truth, is the only action that is going to make healing, a possibility. Facing it, and seeing the truth as thoroughly and clearly as possible… as you say, “truth is freeing…and… is the ultimate healer.”

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