here i sit

on the back deck of my house.  I’m enjoying the beauty around me.  I’m enjoying a nice hot cup of orange spice tea.  It’s one of my favorites.  I love my coffee but I love tea too.  Yes… love.  That word can be used in so many ways.  Here I use it for describing the fact that I get a good sensation while I savor the aroma as well as the enjoyment of one of my favorite flavors.  In this case it is a spiced tea.

The sun is shinning and falling through the trees as if it were golden syrup.  It drips from the leaves.  I can see children playing in the street as they squeeze in the last few moments of sunlight before having to go inside for the night.  I see the people in their cars as they come down their familiar road headed home looking forward to seeing family and enjoying a few moments of relaxation before a dinner or maybe a night watching their favorite program or maybe a movie.

Some are smiling as they are feeling the relief of ending another day of work.  Some are not smiling.  I really don’t want to think why but I can imagine.  I won’t go into that.  I’ve been there.  I hope, for their sake, that their evening goes better than their day and that their worries are eased when they get to their destination.

I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed a very nice spring break time.  Much of it was spent on the edge of the gulf.  I was able to listen to the waves as they continually washed upon the shoreline as if it were some never-ending concert of peace.  A constant that can be counted on day after day and night after night.  It crescendo’s at times with waves that seem almost a bit wild.  The nights on the water have a bit of an eerie feeling as the darkness falls on the endless horizon.  I watched one evening as the sun went down.  It looked as if the sun created a cross on the gulf.  I’ll post a pic if possible.

The morning is the most solemn of each day to me.  The sea gulls begin their calls, the early risers are already out walking the beach, you can see a few sail boats and a speed boat or fishing cruiser now and again.  As flashes of light of day bounce off the waves you can see a pelican dive for its early morning breakfast.  Four or five, three or even just one.  They fly by gliding on the air effortlessly it seems.

Right now, it is just nice to be home.  The air is just right for me.  It may be a little cool for some, but for me, it is perfect.  I look around and can see how much work is ahead of me as Spring is here.  I have plenty to do.  For now I plan to just work inside tonight.  I have some border to take down in the bathroom before painting, a couple of rooms upstairs to paint, a deck to stain (the one I’m on), a couple of trees to drop and cut and stack and etc…  More and more comes to mind.  I think I’ll just sink back into my cup of tea for now.

It is peaceful right now.  It is something to be savored.  Time for me to just be.  This is important.  I need this meditation time.  We all need a bit of time for ourselves.  Sometimes by our-self.  Just to soak it all in.  Just to re-energize.  To absorb the energy setting, waiting for us to enjoy.  Waiting for us to acknowledge.  Not to steal.  Not to keep from anyone else.  There is plenty to go around.  It is available to all that are open to it.  It’s even free.  How can you beat that?

Enjoy.  🙂

Cross on the water
My newest desktop

Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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