the ability to see

Standing in the shower the other day, my mind opened to this thought.

(personal edit:  OK guys… this next part is writer’s privilege.  No SA comments.  K?)(That doesn’t mean NO comments.  Just not SA comments.)

It was nice standing there.  The water being warm, a bit steamy, cascading in a steady stream all over with just enough pressure to splatter off my shoulders and back giving an almost massage feel.  The heat of the water created this fog just enough to cause droplets of water to form on cold surfaces and made the air dense enough that you could feel the heaviness of the water as you took a deep breath.

As the room filled with a bit of steam, the ability to see clearly became more difficult.  As I watched this happening, it came to me.  We don’t always see so clearly.  Not because of any fault of our own but because of those things in our life that cause a loss of visibility.

I thought of a time when I drove down a road on a foggy Spring morning.  Just enough fog to drench the front of the pant legs of my jeans as I traveled to my destination.  It wet the windshield, my leather fingerless gloves, and other sundry parts that were forwardly exposed to the elements.  Crisp and cool yet just on that eerie side.  The fog hung heavy and the lights along the road were either obscured or encompassed about with a glow much like you would see on a horror flic.

Some of the businesses along the road looked as if they were shadowy ghosts buildings.  You could not see anyone walking but who would be walking at 6:00 in the AM on a morning like this anyway.  If you did see anyone, it was a wisp of a shadow and then they would again disappear as if they were never there to begin with.  I could see virtually nothing in my rear view mirror except a faint glimmer of a taillight now and again immediately after a car passed going the other direction and then off into the darkness.  Very little could be seen.

Then my mind wandered to the multitude of times I have been caught in the rain on my Harley or even in a car.  Depending on the situation, it could have been a day when it was warm or a day when it was cold.  The sun may or may not be out.  On the bike or not.  It didn’t matter.  The image of rain beating on a windshield of a car or on my face shield of my helmet.  Either way, the results were much the same.  Low visibility.

Things come into our lives that block our vision.  That vision of who we are, what we are, who and what we need to be, what we want or need out of life, all of it comes into contact with some form of disturbance while we travel through this existence we call life.  Our emotional eyes, the eyes of our heart, the eyes of our very soul, are blinded.  Thus the 20/20 hind site.

I remember the joke my father used to tell about the woman who said that “marriages were made in heaven” and the man that responded with “yes, and so are thunder and lightning.”  We travel these life roads and sometimes get caught on a foggy path or a back road with a little rain or maybe even travel down the freeway of life in the middle of a major hurricane.  No matter how it happens, and it happens to us all, we can not always see far ahead of ourselves.  Many times we are blinded by the dark skies, rain, snow, or what ever form of trials come our way.

Some of us travel on those roads through the storm while riding behind someone else with their tail lights just ahead just viewable enough to help us see the path.  You have to have some trust in the person in front of you for that.  They could lead you down the wrong path.

The analogies of this are endless.  The message remains true.

You can’t always see what is ahead of you till the storm of life clears.  It is amazing out clear it gets after the storm and how much you can see once the rain has cleared and the sun come out and the clouds are no where in sight.

More storms will come.  More temporary blindness I’m certain.  I have weathered enough storms now that I am a seasoned traveler.  Not so easily swayed by what I have going on around me.  I’m now more prepared to just find a place to park and wait out the storm, travel behind someone I trust, or even trudge through slowly till the storm breaks.  I know it will pass and all will be clear to me.

I’ve been on my bike in the mountains when the rain had just finished coming down softly.  The mist of the Great Smoky Mountains hovering over the tops of the trees in the valley below like a white mysterious blanket giving shelter to the creatures below.  The sun glistening off the droplets of water on my face shield like diamonds.  The cool mountain air sending a shiver now and again.  The pavement as black as night from having just been washed clean.  Small mountain waterfalls appearing along the road we traveled.  It was clear.  It was clean.  It was fresh.  It felt like all of nature was new.  Life had been given a drink of cool water.  The storm was over and peace was again established.

Now I live and learn but mostly…  now I see.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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