There are so many ways to think about things.  Everyone has their own way.  Each has his or her very distinct view of any particular topic.  The effects of those views can be astounding.

We pass through this life with very little understanding of the whole.  We are limited by our culture, our climate, geographical locations, a variety of outside influences, our genetic makeup, our education, ethnicity, and add to that the various life experiences we have and each of us come away with a very skewed view of things.  Such things as the time of year a person is born can have an effect.  What type of and how much or how little affection or food or how a mother or father or other member of the family interacts, all have an effect on the outcome, the persona of a person’s being and thus their view of things.

The question gets asked, “what is the meaning of life?” and no-one really ever has THE answer.  That is because there is no answer.  Each individual must find for themselves the answers.  Those answers can only be found within one’s self.  No teacher has the answer.  No Psychiatrist, Psychologist, no Counselor, Preacher, Priest, Guru, or Philosopher.  Anyone that follows such a one is following someone that only has the answers they have found that apply only to themselves and thus can not apply to anyone else.  Each developing their answers found by viewing life through their own kaleidoscope.  In fact, that is a very good physical application to this viewpoint.  Your kaleidoscope of life may have fixed facets whereas someone else may have pieces that float or of different colors as this world and thus your barrel of your kaleidoscope shifts and turns.  No two are alike.  The view is ever changing and each has their own view.  Their own perception.


Author: memman

Too much to tell. There is more than what is seen on the surface of any man. Some have more layers than others. I have many.

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